Christmas gift vouchers – the present to last a lifetime

Why a Caroline Trotter Photography voucher isn’t just for Christmas

You probably don’t need me to tell you that this approaching Christmas season is set to be unlike any other. At the time of writing, visiting another household indoors has been banned across mainland Scotland since September, with a five-tier system of coronavirus restrictions in place. It’s hoped that rules could be relaxed for the festive season, but nothing is certain yet.

What we do know is that 2020’s celebrations will feel rather different, and it may well not be possible to spend time in person with everyone we’d like to this year. Which is why gift giving may also require a different approach.

With a voucher from Caroline Trotter Photography, you don’t need to be with the recipient, or even to send them a parcel. And you’ll know you’re giving something lasting, personal and special, rather than a present that will be politely admired but forgotten come the New Year


Equally, my Xmas vouchers are valid until near the end of 2021, so you’re also giving the choice of season – and location – in which people can use their vouchers.

I offer pet and family portrait and camera class vouchers, all of which could be used in my studio next year, coronavirus restrictions permitting. But I also love working outside with beautiful natural backdrops. So, if social distancing is still in place (or even if it isn’t), I’ll happily take your family and pet portraits outdoors next spring, summer and autumn.

Giftcards for all seasons

I can take pictures of you and/or your family at my garden or yours, or at an outside location including woodland or a beach such as Upper Largo. And not only do I feel incredibly lucky to live in an area such as Fife, which has so many stunning natural surroundings, but one of the great joys of living here is seeing places change with the seasons.

While the cold, grey light and short days of our determinedly non-tropical Scottish winters do make it hard to take the best portraits at the end or start of the year, my local area comes into its own in springtime.

Imagine a family portrait with daffodils in the background during April, or against the glorious displays of vibrant bluebells that we see every May,  or even the spectacular cherry blossom.

Then, of course, any time between June and August is ideal for that perfect beach shot of your family 



Once we get to September and October, rich autumnal colours start to appear, making for excellent woodland backdrops and superb seasonal outdoor shots.

Pet voucher are also available –  the perfect gift for your doggie loving friends

Alternatively, perhaps you’d prefer to use your voucher to learn how to get your camera off auto and start using all those complicated looking buttons.

So, while it may appear to be a cliché, my vouchers really are the gifts that keep on giving! Use them long into 2021, outdoors during the season of your choice, but also potentially inside, as long as the rules allow.

Understandably, some people are wary of buying gift cards from larger organisations or, say, department stores in the present precarious retail climate. But you can have confidence that a Caroline Trotter voucher comes from a stable local business. This year in particular, it really could make the perfect Christmas present.

Learn more here about what my vouchers include.

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