I have stopped photographing weddings!

Or so I thought ! ………………………

There are always exceptions to the rule though!

And after 16 years and over 300 weddings I can still be persuaded [ sometimes!]

The first one this year was a given.  My nephew Geordie and his lovely Veronica were getting married in Upper Largo Church in January and were very keen for their aunt to take some pictures.   So how could I possibly refuse!?





Then in June…………….

Victoria got in touch a week before her wedding day  [!].  A small wedding at the Lady Tower in Elie,  just 6 guests.   Seemed too lovely and ideallic to refuse!  

We were SO lucky with the weather –  and as you can see it was stunning.   We could have been on the set of Mamma Mia!  Harry & Victoria rocked their photos.  We even had dolphins doing a fly past!

The third wedding this year was for Kym and John – who asked me a year ago.  I know Kym as she is the ‘egg lady’ !   So how could I say no!!

It was a glorious day in between the showers  – and the setting on their farm was spectacular.   It was a lovely relaxed and rustic wedding.  


So there we have it.  There are exceptions as I said earlier –  and I have a couple of special weddings next year in May.  Can’t wait !