Get Your Camera Off Auto


Yesterday was the first of the beginners photography classes for this year

We had a really good fun day with a lot of laughs and more importantly –  lots of ‘’lightbulb’’ moments.

Arrival for coffee and biscuits [ the ones that Mungo hadn’t eaten!]  Then down to the theory –  in PLAIN English.   Explanantion of ISO, aperture and shutter speed with lots of photographic illustrations and hints and tips.

1pm –  break for a delicious lunch and brain re-boot, then on with the practical bit

The sun shone and although it was cold that didn’t stop the intrepid photographers from getting their coats on and getting down to it – literally!    Back to the studio for a shot at pet photography –  two willing models bribed with gravy bones,  some still life photography and portrait photography.

The day ended with  a look and critique at the results.  Below are some of the fantastic photographs that everyone took.

Thank you to everyone for a brilliant day!