Four reasons to give photography vouchers this Christmas



I absolutely love this special time of the year – the sparkle of tinsel, the first flakes of snow, the singing of carols, the mulling of wine and cosy evenings spent round the fire with family and friends.

Admittedly, the festive period isn’t without its stresses, though, and one of those is finding suitable Christmas gifts for your nearest and dearest. As luck would have it, I can help you out with the dreaded last-minute present buying. How about gifting a photography voucher which entitles your chosen recipient to a professional portrait of their family and/or pet?

Here are four reasons why photography vouchers make such perfect gifts …

Less landfill

In this age of turbo-materialism, where brand names enjoy cult status and millions worship at the shrine of ‘stuff’, researchers found that – shockingly – a mere six months post-purchase, only one per cent of the material goods that flow through the consumer economy are still in use. Family or pet portraits fly in the face of this appalling waste. Rather than adding to the mountains of plastic tat, photographs will last a lifetime and be cherished daily.

Professional portraits are real


Fake news makes headlines daily these days, meaning that it’s hard to know what to believe any more. My portraits are different. I’ll record real moments in the life of the people and animals you love, charting changing faces across the years and capturing personalities for posterity.

A wise man once said that a picture is worth a thousand words – I’d go further and say that a candid family photograph is worth a million words!

You’re doing your loved ones a favour


We all lead busy lives, and often although we have the best intentions of organising a family portrait, we just never seem to get around to it. Then suddenly, WHOOSH! Another year has gone by and the children/grandchildren have grown five centimetres. Opportunity missed.

It’s the same with pets.

The years sneak by. Suddenly you notice grey hairs in your beloved canine friend’s muzzle and that they’re not running just as fast as they used to. It’s only then you wish you’d had a professional pet portrait taken of them ‘in action’ when they were pups or ‘at their peak’. Another opportunity missed.

So, the gift of a Christmas voucher for a professional portrait provides a valuable service to your family and friends, as it gives them a wee ‘nudge’ to get on and have those photographs taken SOON. Just imagine the pleasure they’ll derive in the future from being able to look back on fabulous photos of precious family members – whether human beings or pets.

Shop quickly and easily, far from the madding crowds

Tired of trekking up and down yet another High Street, staring forlornly at empty shelves or being trampled underfoot in the festive shopping frenzy? Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be that way!

Ordering one of my family or pet portrait vouchers couldn’t be easier. Just click here and pay with paypal

I look forward to meeting your friends and family in due course when they take advantage of your thoughtful gift, and meanwhile may I wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas followed by a merry New Year in 2020!