A Family Portrait Session and how it works.

In spite of a lockdown I ended up being really busy with family portraits last year – just in fewer months then normal!   I think people have realised the value of having a really lovely family portrait to keep forever.

Below are some highlights from 2021,  and a bit about the running order of a shoot.

or email me to book a session   Caroline

So ………..  how it works.

My style is very much relaxed and natural.    All my sessions take place outside –  social distancing not a problem!  We basically meet at a chosen location – plenty to chose from here in Fife, go for a walk and take a few images on the way!  Clothing advice and what to expect is sent out beforehand.

One of the first photos I take is a ”walking one” – gets everyone more relaxed and starting to actually enjoy the session !


Once we have the walking shot nailed [  can take a few attempts –  but all adds to the fun]  I will then find a nice spot to do the posed shot,  but still in a relaxed style.  This is the one that is often chosen to print and frame.

Family four legged friends are always encouraged.  It is amazing how a beloved dog [ or horse] can relax everyone.
I can also provide the said four leggeds – the office managers  –  Tilly & Mungo love a good outing! [ Bottom left –  lending a paw]

Then it is time for family fun and just catching moments as they happen –  this is the part the smaller ones remember!!  Small boys and rockpools make great images!

I love the timelessness of black and white and usually provide a selection of my choice in your slideshow.

Then of course there is the opportunity to get some lovely headshots of the ones that are not so mobile YET. 

And not forgetting some lovely couples and child images.

Contact me to discuss your ideas or to find out more about a family shoot   caroline@carolinetrotter.co.uk

Think about the seasons too.   April for daffodils,  May for bluebells,   June- August for beach photos,  September to October for Autumn colours.  text me 07933 510243 and request a call back