Why choose a professional wedding photographer?

During the festive season, people are surrounded by their families and away from daily pressures, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that Christmas and New Year are popular times for getting engaged.


If you’ve decided to get married over the holiday, congratulations! But now the initial euphoria may be turning to thoughts about the practicalities of your big event, from venue and date to guest list. 2018-01-27_0004.jpg
Book your wedding photographer early, too. The best professional wedding photographers can be busy for up to a year ahead, especially if you choose a sought-after date such as a Saturday in June.
Getting married is never cheap, so you may be tempted to ask a friend to take the images of your nuptials, rather than hire a professional wedding photographer.
However, that could prove to be a false economy. After all, your wedding day lasts just 24 hours, and will probably seem over in a flash, but your photos provide the memories for ever. Equally, remember that your wedding photos only represent a small proportion of the cost of the day, but they’ll last far longer than the flowers and cake!
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Unfortunately, tales of things going wrong are not unheard of, from out-of-focus shots to faces obscured by hats, images of the backs of heads, or stiff poses. Not what anyone wants as a record of this most significant of events, but a potential risk if you cut corners.


Here are some other reasons it pays to hire a professional when choosing a wedding photographer:
· Shooting a wedding is about much more than pointing the camera and pressing the shutter. A pro has the skill, training and experience to get the best shots on the day, whatever the light or weather conditions, and can show you a portfolio of weddings they’ve previously captured.

· Professional photographers will get to know the couple before the ceremony, so they feel comfortable with them, perhaps via a pre-wedding shoot. They’ll find out what the bride and groom want – and ensure they get it.


· Photographic talent is about more than having an expensive camera, although of course a professional will have a full set of high-quality equipment.

· There should be a stronger sense of storytelling, possibly covering the day from start to finish in a ‘reportage’ style – from preparations to wedding breakfast, cake cutting and first dance.


· Every key player who should be in your wedding photo will be – you won’t discover afterwards that there’s no record of Aunty Mary’s attendance.

· A professional will have the creative flair to get images that go beyond the standard line-ups – they’ll take the most moving, original pictures, making your album more than a collection of snapshots, whether that’s the mother of the bride wiping away a tear or the couple sharing a tender moment. They’re also able to get natural, unposed shots in which people look relaxed, and are used to putting everyone at their ease.


· A professional will cover themselves with spare camera, back-up memory cards and batteries, as well as insurance. Will a family friend think of doing all this?