Wedding Photography Posing Tips


Being forever-photogenic is a gift that seems rarely bestowed upon us. There are those lucky few that look fabulous from every angle, and effortlessly pull off poses no matter how ‘off-guard’ they might be. But when it comes down to your wedding photos a little guidance goes a long way for the rest of us! Here’s a few wedding photography posing tips to make sure those perfect pictures come out just the way you want them.

Lighten Up

Great lighting creates great photographs

Great lighting creates great photographs

One of the best posing tips to start us off is perhaps the most important one to remember; relax! The best wedding photos are often those that are snapped in between poses when you’re not even looking. Natural moments are sometimes the most beautiful, but you can help to make even your staged poses look natural, light and relaxed, even though they’re prepared. All you need to do is avoid being too regimented and serious. Have a fun, easy going atmosphere and you’ll get the best out of your photographer.

Cover the Classics

In this section we’ll talk about the basics of wedding poses for the bride and groom. Here are the ones that you’ll definitely want to incorporate, and will be the staple setup for a fantastic set of photographs. These poses are strong, successful favourites that every couple will want to see in their album, even though they might not be able to articulate what they want!

This tip is to embrace the most common pose, but it’s a gateway to a number of different shots and combinations, just from the positioning of the bodies. Often called the ‘closed’ shot, the bride and groom should stand toe to toe, with bodies closed off and facing one another. i.e. torso’s side on to the camera to begin with. The camera can then move around as it pleases, but this gives you a great starting point to toy with a number of different poses. From this body position, make sure the first on your list is the classic ‘nose to nose’ shot, with eyes open or closed, or alternates of the two! The meeting of the lips, the forehead kiss, and the dreamy eyed smiles are all perfect poses to go with the closed body position.

During all these poses, do remember to keep smiling too; that’s one of the most important tips there is! It doesn’t have to be a toothy grin, but a soft smile and your happy eyes will say it all.

Take In the Scenery

Louise-Joakim-233Some of the most beautiful shots are those that incorporate a little more of the background. We all love the happy couple, but 80 shots of them snogging close up wouldn’t perhaps make for a perfect wedding album. Most couples (well, let’s be honest, brides) will have planned a beautiful location in which to have your snaps. When you’re bringing in some landscape then, our next tip is to go with the stacked pose.

The stacked pose is where the groom stands behind the bride, and brings his arms around her waist. Her arms should generally come up to rest on his, and their hands should lightly rest on one another’s, if not holding them. This pose is great for a shot of just the bride and groom; you can take it square on or from the side, with the groom looking down over her shoulder, and the bride looking up or off to the side in his direction. They real key though, is when the photographer positions the couple off-centre, opens up some frame space for the stunning setting that the couple carefully chose. Above is a lovely example by Caroline Trotter of this pose.

Make a Move!

Our final tip is to get some action in your album. Your big day should be filled with fun, as well as those intimate shots that bring in the balance of classic romance. The groom carry the bride in his arms, and get snaps of the lift too; not just the final shot!

Now aside from lifting and swinging, the easiest way to get some movement in your wedding shots is to take a few steps together! Take a little walk, hand in hand, and you’ll have some beautiful, natural shots for your album. Simply having a small stroll together and a little conversation on the way is the best tip to get any couple relaxed and some amazing photos.


Although there are a few key things to remember, there’ll be a lovely flow to your photographs that will make sure you’ll get those classic shots you always wanted. Don’t hide your album away from prying eyes, be proud to show it off to all your friends and family. Simply follow these great wedding photography posing tips to fill your album with incredible memories you’ll love to look through again and again.

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