Using a Professional Photographer to Take Your Website Product Photography

Product photography for the Little Herb Farm

Product photography for the Little Herb Farm

With numerous businesses using stock photography from websites like Getty Images and Shutterstock, there seems to be a lack of photographers employed as images can easily be found online. But, as a product based business, you want potential customers who visit your website to see the highest quality photos of your products in order to entice them to make a purchase. What visitors to your website see will determine whether they want to purchase from you or go somewhere else, most likely where the business’ products are displayed in superb quality thanks to a professional photographer.

Why a Photographer is a Great Idea?

Having an actual photographer to communicate with regarding your photos is extremely helpful as you can tell them exactly what angles you want, what background you want and whether to zoom in or not, among other things. In return, being professional photographers they can help elevate your product profile by suggesting certain professional techniques and methods. However, to get this specialist information and high quality, you must employ a professional photographer with credible experience in shooting commercial photos or suffer losing potential customers to your rivals.

Product photography for Beatitude

Product photography for Beatitude

Importance of Good Photos

Professional photo = professional business.
This principle is important to remember because a customer generally decides what type of business you are through what appears on your website. Though website font and style and colour are important, the photographs are probably the things that visitors to the website connect with the most. This is why the photos have to be highly professional. Would you purchase from a website where the photos are dim lit, blurry, or have a bland background? Didn’t think so. A professional photographer dispels this nightmare by producing attractive, clean and high quality photos for your website to look smart and professional.

Communicating With Your Photographer

At the basis of a good set of photos is excellent communication between the photographer and customer. As the customer, it is your responsibility to thoroughly inform the photographer about what your business is, what products are advertised on your website and what type of audience you are aiming to reach.

As a visual obsessed society, it is important to discuss with your photographer what would be the best options when it comes to background and equipment. For example, if you are selling boot-cut jeans, it may be beneficial to have a model wearing it and posing; alternatively, if you were selling a new fruit juice, then you could place real fruits on a chopping board, have clean glasses and/or use colourful backgrounds. It is small things like this which are crucial to leaping over your competition and attracting customers.

Caroline Trotter Photography

A wedding photographer primarily, Caroline Trotter has professionally photographed a plethora of weddings over the past 8 years. However, her skill set is not solely limited to weddings as she is a renowned commercial photographer, having completed professional photo shoots for numerous businesses in the Fife, St. Andrews, and Edinburgh areas, as well as beyond. These experiences make Caroline a knowledgeable and highly skilled photographer who would be more than happy to photograph any commercial photography needs.

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