What are the qualities of a great photograph?

Today many people think that anybody can take a great photograph and the art of photography is open to everybody and it’s all too easy. The technology has changed so that people have access to high quality equipment at affordable prices, but that on its own is not enough for a great photograph. There’s often only one chance to take a top class photo, e.g. there’s only one wedding day or birthday party!

In this article we explain some aspects which in our opinion help to create a great photograph and why hiring a professional photographer is a sound idea for special occasions.

Evoke emotions

Bridesmaids having funAn essential quality of any photograph is that it evokes emotion. The type of emotion in a photograph can of course vary; a great photograph could convey for example happiness, joy or perhaps sorrow. Photographs are a potential treasure trove of memories for loved ones, for those that have now passed away or perhaps that great fifth birthday party!

There’s plenty of joy on display in this photograph from our wedding archives.

A great photographer will manage to find the emotion and ensure it’s captured in the photographs they take. After all what is the purpose of a photograph without any emotion?

Tells a story

Great photographs tell a story, so will share the impishness of a child, the joy of an engagement, the proudness of the parents after the arrival of a new child, etc. Linked in quite closely to emotions, a great photograph will tell the story of the day and reawaken those memories every time it is viewed.

An unusual/unique angle or perspective

Great photos are often taken from a different perspective or an unusual or unique angle. We are used to viewing life from the same perspective on a daily basis, so why not capture something different in photographs?

Happy couplePhotos like this low down pre-wedding photograph add a different and interesting perspective

Photographs taken close up, low down or high above or at unique angles will often create great photographs but need the skill of an experienced photographer to truly succeed.

Creates interest

Perhaps above all else a photograph should create interest and enthusiasm by the viewer. It’s easier to obtain enthusiasm where aspects of the photograph are known to the viewer and comments are received such as “I remember that” or “That was a great day”. It’s especially gratifying though when a person with no specific awareness is still interested in the photograph.

We’ve already discussed changing the angle or perspective. Other photography techniques which could be used to add interest include the use of scenery, symmetry, shadows, lighting and contrast, etc. It is the skill of the photographer which will bring the interest out of each and every photograph.

Buy with confidence from Caroline Trotter Photography

In all walks of life you can’t buy experience, it has to be earned the hard way through hard work and effort. Therefore the experience of the photographer does matter and will be a factor in the quality of the final photograph.

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