Dog-a-blog – Office Managers out and about

Here we are on our travels again – dogs on tour

We had a little breather in Oban before getting on the ferry for a two hour crossing. We didn’t like the stairs at all – you could see through them!!    However – it was better then being left in the car. It was a lovely evening for a trip.

We had a new friend staying with us for a few days – Molly from Manchester. After a bit of grumbling [ from us] we all settled down and got on quite well – unless she tried to sit in our bed – that was a different story. There are limits to our hospitality to someone we have only just met. Molly needs some training when it comes to a photocall. This was one of the better ones though. Over looking Kiloran Bay on Colonsay.

The beach was lovely for a good run around – just perfect for three doggies 2018-10-23_0002.jpg

Our owners then seemed to have a lovely lunch. [ Nothing for us which was VERY unfair]

One day we went for a lovely walk on Machrins beach and saw some lovely stone ‘sculptures’

Colonsay sunset – one man, three dogs

Walking above Kiloran on the way to the otherside of the island. Nice long walk which we loved. Molly had gone home by then – she missed a lovely 7 mile walk. [ Although mistress walked 10 times round the car to make it exactly 7 miles. We followed her but had no idea why!!]

Apparently it was a very pretty beach! What is our human’s obsession with shells though? Don’t get that at all – now balls – that’s a different matter