I love the colours in this simple dish and it’s a great accompaniment for rich meat dishes or as a base for a vegetarian mushroom stew.
500ml water
1 tsp Hebridean salt
100g polenta
A couple of handfuls of the base kale (Page….)
2 cloves chopped garlic
1 tblsp olive oil
100g grated cheese

1 Bring the pan of water to a rolling boil add the salt and pour in the polenta in a steady stream, whisking all the time. Once the polenta is all in, keep whisking and as it thickens lower the heat as it will splutter and spit! Hot polenta burns! Using a wooden spoon, stir the mixture for a few minutes.
2 Stir in the chopped, braised kale, the garlic the oil and grated cheese, pour onto a wooden board. You can use the polenta straight away or you can allow it to cool and cut into shapes which you can fry when needed.

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